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Four Mobile Networks Shut Down on Nyepi Day in Bali

As the people of Bali observe the Nyepi or ‘Day of Silence’ today, four mobile network operators- Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, and Smartfren temporarily shut down their internet services in the island. The temporary suspension on Nyepi day was requested by the Ministry of Communications and Information. Internet services will be temporarily shut down from 6 a.m local time on Thursday (7/3) to 6.a.m on Friday (8/3). Smartfren Telecom President Director, Merza Fachys mentioned that Bali residents could still access public and emergency services such as the police, fire stations, and hospitals.

Nyepi or Day of Silence is the most important Balinese celebration. The religious festival is observed to celebrate the Saka new year of the Hindu-Balinese calendar. Since the day is dedicated to complete silence, observers could be found meditating, praying and fasting. Nyepi rituals encourage self-reflection, contemplation, and spiritual awakening, aiming towards a better version of one’s self in the upcoming year. Most Balinese abide by the rules of Nyepi which includes no light, no travel, no activity, and no entertainment. Non-Hindus are often found to engage in Nyepi rituals out of respect for their fellow citizens.

Source: Kompas
Image: Tribun News

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