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Dozens of Stalls on Berawa Beach Torn Down

Berawa beach
Dozens of Stalls on Berawa Beach Torn Down - photo

Dozens of stalls located on the border of Berawa Beach, Tibubeneng, North Kuta were torn down on Wednesday 18th May 2022. 

The demolition was carried out to organise Berawa Beach because the area has been designated as a tourist attraction in Badung Regency.

Head of the Public Order Enforcement Police I Gustu Agung Ketut Suryanegara said that the demolition was carried out on merchants’ stalls that violated the beach border. Berawa Beach was designated as a tourist attraction in Badung Regency back in 2005.

According to Suryanegara, the stall owners have fully agreed and have not put up any resistance at all because they were given notice back in February 2022

“From the beginning, these stalls were never ‘open’. They had agreed to dismantle the stalls by themselves. Because some of them argued that there was a cost to dismantle them, we helped in carrying out the demolition,” said Suryanegara.

The total number of stalls on the beach border was around 30. The demolition, which started at 1pm local Bali time/WITA, managed to knock down six stalls, while the remaining 24 are in the process of being demolished using the heavy equipment provided. However, there are some that have not been successfully razed because the foundation is deep enough to sink into the sand.

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