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Complete PPKM Level 3 Rules For Christmas and New Year Confirmed

ppkm rules
ministry of home affairs

The complete set of PPKM level 3 rules that will be implemented throughout Indonesia between 24th December to 2nd January 2022 has been released by the Home Affairs Ministry.

The provisions for PPKM level 3 are regulated in the instruction of the Home Affairs Minister number 62 of 2021 concerning prevention and control of COVID-19 during Christmas 2021 and New Year 2022.

Below are some points to keep in mind during Christmas and New Year celebrations.


If people need to travel outside their home region for a “primary reason” they must use the PeduliLindungi app. They will need to take a PCR or rapid test when leaving and returning to their home area, depending on their chosen mode of transport and the rules in place at the time. Details on this period’s travel regulations will soon be announced by the Transportation Ministry.

A traveller who tests positive for COVID-19 must carry out self-quarantine or quarantine in a government-sanctioned place to prevent transmission. Quarantine time will depend on the prevailing health procedures at the time. 

Christmas worship

Churches must establish a COVID-19 Handling Health Protocol Task Force in coordination with the Regional COVID-19 Handling Task Force. 

Christmas worship activities and celebrations should be simple and not excessive. Emphasis must be on fellowship in the context of the family and held in a hybrid manner. This means that congregations should be both collective in the church and online with the worship service that has been prepared by church administrators. 

Furthermore, the number of people who can participate in worship activities and Christmas celebrations in congregation or collectively cannot exceed 50 percent of the total capacity of the church.

New Years celebrations

New Year 2022 celebrations should possibly be done at home, avoiding crowds and travel. People should carry out activities in environments that do not have the potential to cause crowds. 

At the same time, people are urged to anticipate and prepare themselves and their environments for hydrometeorological disasters, such as floods and landslides according to Meteorology, Climatology and Meteorology Agency’s (BMKG) predictions.

Furthermore, annual parades and processions for New Year, both held in open and closed areas, are prohibited.

Shopping centres and cinemas

Everyone must use the PeduliLindungi application to enter and exit shopping centres. Visitors must be in the yellow or green categories to enter. 

Moreover, operating hours can be extended from originally at 10am-10pm local time to 9am-10pm local time to prevent crowds at certain hours. Restrictions on the number of visitors mean headcount cannot exceed 50 percent of the total capacity of the shopping centre.

Cinemas can be open with restrictions of a maximum capacity of 50 percent with the implementation of stricter health protocols. Dining can be done by a maximum capacity of 50 percent too.

Sightseeing and tourist attractions

The government will increase vigilance according to PPKM level 3 regulations specifically for regions known to be favoured tourism destinations, including Bali, Bandung, Bogor, Yogyakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Medan, and others.

  • The government will identify tourist attractions that are the target of holidays in each district or city in order to have good health protocols;
  • Odd-even arrangements will be applied to organise visits to priority tourist attractions;
  • Stricter health protocols will be applied with the 5M approach of wearing masks, washing hands with soap or hand sanitiser, maintaining distance, reducing mobility, and avoiding crowds;
  • The PeduliLindungi application must be when entering and exiting tourist attractions and only visitors with yellow or green status are allowed to enter;
  • There can be no crowds that could result in an inability to keep a distance;
  • The number of tourists in any location is limited to 50 percent of the total capacity;
  • Celebratory parties with crowds in open and closed areas are prohibited;
  • The use of loudspeakers that cause people to congregate en masse will be reduced;
  • Cultural and traditional arts activities will be reduced, both religious and non-religious, which would usually be carried out before the COVID-19 pandemic.
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