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Clarification Issued on Travel and Vaccine Requirements

Clarification Issued on Travel and Vaccine Requirements

A few addendums have been released by the Indonesian government, regarding travel for foreign nationals within Indonesia and seeking to travel out of the country.

Foreign nationals leaving Indonesia, without being preceded by domestic travel or directly from Jakarta, as well as active flight crew members or ship crew members who intend to leave Indonesia, are exempted from showing COVID-19 vaccination cards. Crew members are still required to provide other applicable health protocol requirements.

However, foreign nationals entering the country are still required to show COVID-19 vaccination cards with completed doses according to the vaccination protocol standard that is issued by the health authorities or pharmaceutical companies that produce the vaccines and is valid in their respective countries.

Meanwhile, foreign nationals who are not vaccinated and intend to leave the country but need to travel domestically in order to reach the exit point for international flights are exempted from showing COVID-19 vaccination cards. This is provided that they do not leave the airport area during transit or whilst waiting for their international flight.

These foreign nationals must obtain clearance issued by the local Port Health Office or authority to travel domestically, with the purpose to continue their flights to leave Indonesia. Furthermore, they must show a valid flight itinerary leaving Indonesia for direct transit from the city of departure to the exit point for their international destination.

As for children under the age of 12 years, travelling with their parents and entering Indonesia or traveling on domestic flights, they are exempted from showing a COVID-19 vaccination card. Whereas previously, children below 12 were required to show their vaccination cards.

Those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical conditions are exempted from showing a COVID-19 vaccination card, for international and domestic travels, with the additional requirement to show a health certificate issued by a specialist doctor or other medical supporting data, stating that the person is unfit for a COVID-19 vaccination.

SOURCE: Foreign Affairs Ministry

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