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PPKM Level 3 Year-End Holidays Regulations

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New Year Celebrations

The implementation of PPKM level 3 throughout Indonesia during the year-end holidays is one of the government’s tactics to prevent a spike in COVID-19 cases. 

The Home Affairs Ministry is set to release a complete list of regulations some time this week, but here are ten main points that will come into effect:

  1. Prohibition of fireworks, parades, processions, or large crowds at any event.
  2. Prohibition of returning home for non-primary purposes.
  3. Prohibition of travelling on Christmas and New Year holidays.
  4. Closure of squares and open fields.
  5. Tightening of public transport travel rules, with a minimum of already receiving the first dose of vaccine.
  6. The prohibition of taking leave to take advantage of the year-end holiday during PPKM level 3 applies to civil servants, National Armed Forces and Police members, as well as private-sector employees.
  7. Activities in places of worship can be at a maximum of 50 percent capacity.
  8. Restrictions on cinema visitors are set at a maximum of 50 percent capacity.
  9. The number of visitors allowed in places to eat and drink at restaurants and cafes is limited to a maximum capacity of 50 percent.
  10. The limit on the number of visitors to shopping centres is a maximum of 50 percent and they can only open until 9pm local time.

The decision to implement PPKM level 3 during the year-end holidays itself was announced on 17th November by Muhadjir Effendy, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture when chairing the Ministerial Level Coordination Meeting to Anticipate the Potential Increase in COVID-19 Cases over the year-end holidays.

The determination of this policy itself will be carried out no later than 22nd November 2021, and it is expected to take effect from 24th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022.

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