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PPKM: New Measures and Targets up to 7 February

Luhut Pandjaitan

PPKM in the Java and Bali regions has been extended for another week, effective between 1st and 7th February 2022, following new standards indicating the levels.

Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan reminded the public that the number of COVID-19 to date is still one-fifth of the peak of the Delta variant in July 2021. The number of hospitalisations in Indonesia is still very safe, at just one-tenth of the peak of Delta.

“We estimate that this is a mitigation step in the event of this Omicron malignancy. The Health Ministry has prepared adequate health facilities, much better than last year,” he said during an online press conference on Monday 31st January.

Furthermore, in response to the characteristics of the Omicron variant which is different to Delta, the strategy for handling the pandemic in the form of PPKM also needs to be adjusted.

“Initially, the focus was on suppressing the transmission rate but now the focus is on reducing hospitalisations and mortality rates. For this reason, the PPKM level strategy also needs to be changed,” said Pandjaitan.

The government will continue to use the six indicators that are the standard from the WHO. However, the government will give greater weight in determining the level of indicators of hospitalisations.

“This step is taken as an incentive to local governments to encourage patients who are asymptomatic and have mild symptoms not to enter the hospital. The assessment level is also in a fairly good condition,” he said. “This step will also maintain economic recovery efforts while ensuring that our health capacity remains in a safe condition.”

For the implementation of PPKM, the government changed the indicator requirements to enter levels 1 and 2, from the previous first dose vaccination to complete vaccination. This is to accelerate the second dose of vaccination in urban districts that are still falling behind.

Based on government records, there are still 22 regencies and cities where the second dose vaccination rate is below 50 percent, and 29 municipal districts where the second dose vaccination for the elderly is still below 40 percent.

This provision will take effect next week, but we will give a two-week transition for the districts or cities that have been determined,” he added.

With this latest assessment change, changes to the district or city PPKM level will be published in the instruction of the Home Affairs Minister which will be issued this Monday.

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