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Chinese Drug Dealer Escapes Prison, 5 People Under Investigation

Police officers and an inmate are currently under questioning in regards to Cai Ji Fan’s prison escape.

When questioned by reporters on Wednesday 23rd September, Commissioner Yusri Yunus, the Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Police, reported that prison officers are currently under investigation regarding Cai Changpan’s escape from prison.

Cai  Ji Fan, 37, also known as Cai Changpan, is a drug convict who escaped from Tangerang Class 1 Correctional Institution on Monday 14th September. His disappearance was only discovered by authorities four days later on 18th September.

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The prisoner is a drug dealer from China who has been sentenced to death for his crimes. It has been reported that Cai Ji Fan escaped from prison by making a hole from his cell and going through the sewers. It has been noted that he had coordinated his escape with the changing of the guards.

After questioning his cellmate, Yunus reported that Cai Ji Fan had been planning his escape for approximately six months. Cai Ji Fan took advantage of a kitchen renovation and took tools that were being used for construction to dig a hole in his cell.

Until now, Yunus’ office is still investigating the case is and questioning all potential people involved, including as Cai Ji Fan’s cellmate. Four prison officers have also been arrested and are being investigated for their possible involvement in the escape.

“We are still conducting a joint investigation in accordance with permission from the head of the prison. We have formed a team to investigate whether there are any possibilities of other involvement and are awaiting results,” Yunus said.

Police declared that Cai has escaped a Jakarta police detention in 2017 by breaking through a bathroom wall. Cai Ji Fan is currently on the police’s most-wanted list and has been put under a travel ban.

Sources: ABCNews and TribunNews

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