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Foreigners Protesting Russian-Ukrainian War in Bali Threatened Deportation

Ukrainian in Bali
Foreigners Protesting Russian-Ukrainian War in Bali. Photo Instagram @sesetanpost

The head of the Law and Human Rights Ministry in Bali, Jamaruli Manihuruk, has said he will deport foreigners involved in the protest against the Russian-Ukrainian war in Denpasar which occurred on Tuesday 1st March 2022. 

“Strict action will be taken in the form of sanctions in accordance with law no. 6 of 2011 concerning immigration,” said Manihuruk in a written statement.

Based on his data, the number of Ukrainian citizens in Bali was recorded at 464 people, while Russian citizens number 2,542 people.

“That’s the number of Ukrainian and Russian foreigners who are still in Bali as of 25th February 2022,” he added.

He said that there are 453 Ukrainians with Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) and 11 Ukrainian with Permanent Stay Permit (ITAP). Meanwhile, there are 2,495 Russians with an ITAS and 47 with an ITAP.

Until now, said Manihuruk, there have been no Ukrainian or Russian citizens who have applied to return to their home countries.

A number of Ukrainians initially gathered in groups at around 15:55 local time. They gathered in front of the Bajra Sandhi Monument in Renon, Denpasar City, carrying Ukrainian flags and posters for peaceful demonstrations over the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The Head of Ops for the Denpasar Police Police Commissioner I Made Uder said that due to the protestors not having a permit, the protest was disbanded.

We are also concerned about their country. However, their method uses rules. I have dissolved it. Foreigners cannot be arbitrary. There is no permit because they have not applied for a permit according to the written procedures,” said Uder when contacted by CNN on Tuesday.

Moreover, Uder expressed that today is part of the Nyepi Day celebrations and there should be no crowds in front of the Bajra Sandhi Monument.

One of the Ukrainian citizens who took part in the peaceful demonstration named Alissa apologised for the peaceful protest at the Bajra Sandi Monument.

We care about peace without war. Not only Ukrainians, Russians – all foreigners are welcome to join us. We’re sorry for breaking the rules, we have to have permission. We just need to defend our homeland, because everyone lives in shelters and can’t stay at home,” she conveyed.

The action then continued at the Ukrainian Consulate Office, Jalan Gurita Pegok, Sesetan, South Denpasar District, Bali. They filled the courtyard of the Ukrainian Consulate.

At around 16:59 local time, more and more people came onto the streets in an orderly manner.

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