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Tangerang Traffic Police Innovate with Drone-Assisted Electronic Ticketing

Tangerang traffic police
Tangerang Traffic Police Innovate with Drone-Assisted Electronic Ticketing

The Indonesian Traffic Police Corps is to deploy several new technologies, such as the use of drones to assist in identifying traffic violators easier.

The Tangerang Traffic Police are currently conducting trials of electronic ticketing using drones to ticket road users who are disobedient or fail to comply with applicable regulations. Soon, the application of electronic fines will extend beyond the use of static cameras such as CCTV or cameras installed in officers’ cars. 

“This is one of the Tangerang Traffic Police’s innovations in ticketing,” explained Fikry Ardiansyah, Head of the Tangerang Traffic Police, as quoted from the Indonesian Traffic Police Corps’ official website.

Officers will use drones to target a variety of road users’ actions that have the potential to cause accidents, such as riding against the flow, not wearing a helmet, and riding with more than two people on a motorcycle.

“The point is that people who are found to have violated it will be confirmed through the ETLE mechanism, as usual,” Ardiansyah added.

Using drones allows the police to see the road atmosphere from above, but it is still constrained by the duration of operation and battery life. Ardiansyah said that currently, the use of drones for electronic tickets can only last for 25 minutes in one operation.

“For the durability of this battery, we have adjusted the specifications and we have also prepared a spare battery to carry out enforcement throughout the day. We will temporarily conduct a trial first, as soon as possible we will carry out the implementation of electronic ticket enforcement using this drone,” he emphasised.

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