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Booster Vaccine Planned as Travel Requirement

booster vaccine
Booster Vaccine Planned as Travel Requirement

A booster vaccine will be a requirement for travel, based on a meeting conducted by government officials on Monday 4th July 2022.

Booster vaccinations will also be used as a condition for people to engage in various activities in public spaces. 

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartanto said that a third or booster dose of vaccination would be a requirement for travel and other activities. This requirement follows from the extension of PPKM. 

“Well, of course, this third dose will be required for various activities that involve many people and also for various trips. The president’s directive for airports was to prepare a third dose of vaccination,” he said. 

Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin stated that the Indonesian people needed a special approach regarding booster vaccines. For example, when the vaccine is a requirement to enter the mall.

“The president is also aware that Indonesians sometimes have special ways to be motivated to take a booster. Just like in the past, it was very difficult for the elderly to get vaccinated. But once entering malls require vaccination proof, in the end, they all decided to get vaccinated. Why? it turns out that they are happy to take their grandchildren to the mall,” explained Sadikin.

Indonesian people need innovative social approaches like that. So maybe his direction is trying to find innovative social approaches so that the Indonesian people will get boosted.

Furthermore, the spokesman for the COVID-19 Task Force, Wiku Adisasmito, confirmed that a booster vaccine would be a requirement to enter public facilities. Adisasmitoalso urged the public to immediately get booster vaccinations.

“Currently, large-scale community activities require mandatory booster vaccines for participants. In the future, it will also be a requirement to be able to enter public facilities. For that, please immediately get a booster vaccine, and invite all family and relatives to do it immediately,” said Adisasmito in a press conference quoted by on Monday.

The national booster vaccination coverage is still very low, according to Adisasmito. 

“The coverage of the booster vaccine is still not significant, an increase in which the national coverage is only 24 percent. In addition, 28 of 34 provinces have vaccine coverage below 30 percent,” he explained.

There are six regions in Indonesia where vaccine coverage is above 30 percent:

  • Bali: above 50 percent
  • Greater Jakarta: above 40 percent
  • Riau Islands: above 40 percent
  • Special Region of Yogyakarta: above 30 percent
  • West Java: above 30 percent
  • East Kalimantan: above 30 percent

PPKM in Java and Bali and beyond has been extended until 1st August 2022. The extensions were conveyed by the Director-General of Regional Advocates at the Home Affairs Ministry, Safrizal and Hartarto respectively.

“Specifically, the implementation of restrictions on activities outside Java and Bali will be extended from 5th July 5 to 1st August 2022,” said Hartarto at a press conference.

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