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Australian Tourist and Indonesian Girlfriend Sentenced to 6 years of Prison for Drug Possession

Australian Brendon Johnsson and his Indonesian girlfriend, Remi Purwanto, both 43 were sentenced to nearly 6 years of prison by The Denpasar District Court in Bali for possession of cocaine. In August last year, the police discovered thirteen plastic packets of cocaine, weighing at 11.6 grams at the pair’s Kuta home. Johnsson reportedly purchased the drug for USD 3,636 or 39 million rupiah at the time. Judge, I Ketut Kimiarsa, handed down the court’s verdict, which sentenced the couple to five years and four months of imprisonment, and a 800 million rupiah fine or an additional of two months of imprisonment, should they fail to pay.

Johnsson’s lawyer, Edward Pangkahila, mentioned that his client had accepted his sentence and would not appeal the court’s decision. Johnsson’s stepfather, Ashley Robinson mentioned that his imprisonment had a ‘silver lining’, as he is now drug-free after 27 years since he was 16. Robinson urged other Australians to ponder the consequences of his stepson’s actions, which had led him to serve time in jail. Johnsson, on the other hand, claims to have freed himself from addiction and aims to teach a concrete rendering course to the prisoners. He hopes his pain and struggles serves as a clear warning to those with addiction problems. 43-year-old Johnsson was sentenced to 5 years and 4 months of imprisonment

Source: Dailymail Australia
Picture: Dailymail Australia

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