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Activities at Jakarta Flora and Fauna Exhibition 2022

flona 2022
Activities at Jakarta Flora and Fauna Exhibition 2022

The Flora and Fauna Exhibition (Flona) in Jakarta is again being held from Friday 8th August to 26th September 2022 after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The exhibition is being held at Lapangan Banteng, Central Jakarta. Visitors can access this exhibition from 8am to 8pm local time without an entrance fee. 

This exhibition has various types of plants and animals on display and for sale. 

 Here are some activities to do at Flona 2022:

  1. See various flora and fauna

As the name of this exhibition suggests, Flona 2022 shows various types of flora and fauna. The types of plants can be seen as soon as visitors enter the exhibition area considering the buildings used are also surrounded by various types of plants.

The animal section has animals that aren’t only exhibited but are also being sold.

  1. Try various snacks

Flona 2022 is also filled with various kinds of snacks such as egg crust, various kinds of rice, and pletok beer. These choices of snacks make it easier for visitors if they want to find food or drink.

  1. Feeding the animals

Visitors can pay for a ticket to enter the animal enclosures and feed them. There are several types of animals that can be fed such as turtles and sheep. In addition to feeding them, visitors can also interact and play with these animals.

  1. Buy flora and fauna products

Here, visitors can buy various things related to flora and fauna such as ornamental plants, pets, and many others.

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