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32.4 percent Less Traffic Since Introduction of Odd-Even Policy

According to an evaluation by the Indonesia Toll Road Authority, the implementation of the odd-even traffic policy has reduced traffic congestion along the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road. However, motorists still have not shifted to public transportation and seek alternative routes instead.

Before the policy was enforced, as many as 8,806 vehicles passed through the West and East Bekasi toll road gates. After three weeks of the implementation of the odd-even policy, 5,146 vehicles passed through the two toll gates.

Under the new policy, only vehicles with even license plate numbers are allowed to pass through the toll gates on even dates, and only vehicles with odd license plate numbers are allowed to pass the gates on odd dates. The policy is aimed at reducing traffic congestion between Bekasi and Jakarta.

The Indonesia Toll Road Authority has said that there was no significant increase in the use of public transportation. “Our conclusion is that car users consider that their car is the most comfortable means of transportation,” BPJT head Bambang Prihartono said in Jakarta on Sunday as reported by

Instead, motorists use alternative routes and choose to leave their homes earlier to avoid the restrictions.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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