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Robert McKinnon

photo attached by Cecilia Forsman

Hello Robert McKinnon.  The Scotsman who accidentally found himself a home in Indonesia.

Robert McKinnon

So, Robert McKinnon, how did you end up living in Indonesia?

This is a funny question that I have been asked many times. It was that I had to leave Australia because of visa problems, honestly, and the cheapest ticket out was to Jakarta. I had no idea about the country. I have now been here 22 years.

That’s a great story! Any plans to move on from Indonesia in the future?

No, I have made my home here.

What are you currently doing here, and what else have you done in the past 22 years?

I am a Teacher at Sekolah Bogor Raya. In the past I had a Billiard hall, and was part owner of an ESL school. I have also helped with the Indonesian Rugby with various events ranging from the A5N to School Rugby. I was previously assistant manager of the national team. With the rugby 7’s we won the bowl at the Singapore 7’s back in 2008. In 2009 I also helped organise the Bali 10’s rugby competition and this year I helped organise the Indonesian school rugby tournament.

Wow, you’ve dabbled in quite a variety of ventures…Any interesting stories to share from your experiences here in Indonesia?

I have never had any problems in all my travels throughout Indonesia. I hear bad stories about people losing hand phones and the likes, but when I do they get returned to me. I even had my car stolen and I was looking forward to the insurance money but lo and behold, the police brought it back with no charge. Funny!

How would you say Indonesia has changed over your 22 years here?

All countries change. Indonesia has grown stronger since 1998 and is now a very nice place to live and work. It is also safer place to live.

So how do you usually spend your free time?

I spend my free playing tennis with my friends and enjoy eating good food and drinking!

What would you say is your favourite thing about life in Indonesia?

 Apart from the people, I’d say the diversity of the food. Semua enak bangat!

So, what are your plans for New Years Eve and have you made any resolutions?

I am still thinking about what to do for the New Year but most likely will end spending it with friends at Eastern Promise in Kemang.

New Year’s resolution? Tough one… to enjoy life even more!

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