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Farmer Arrested for Illegal Trading of Tiger Skin and Skull

Sumatran tiger

A farmer, identified as P from Langkat Regency, North Sumatra, has been caught by the Mount Leuser National Park rangers for illegal trading of Sumatran tiger parts.

Three tiger pelts and a tiger skull were confiscated by the rangers.

Haluanto Ginting, Head of Environment and Forestry Ministry’s law enforcement in the North Sumatra-Aceh office, stated that the suspect was arrested when he went undercover as a buyer of tiger organs in Marike district, Langkat regency.

“P was arrested when he was about to sell the tiger skin to Mount Leuser National Park rangers who went undercover,” Haluanto confirmed.

He further elaborated that P had planned to sell the two tiger pelts for Rp57million in order to pay for his house renovations and to buy cattle. The pelts were forcibly taken from trapped tigers within the national park’s borders.

The evidence was compiled and the suspect were then arrested by the North Sumatra Police. “The suspect could face a maximum of five years in prison and up to Rp100million in fines,” Haluanto added.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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