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Battle of The Baristas Semifinals Showcase Spectacular Talent and Creativity in Coffee Art and Signature Drinks

Battle of the Baristas
Battle of The Baristas Semifinals Showcase Spectacular Talent and Creativity in Coffee Art and Signature Drinks

The Battle of The Baristas, Indonesia’s largest sustainable plant-based barista competition, reached new heights of excitement and skill as the semifinals took place on Friday, 7th July 2023 at Luber Bali in Kuta.

The Battle of The Baristas has truly captivated the Indonesian coffee community, with baristas from all corners of the country participating and showcasing their exceptional skills, experience, and creativity in coffee art and signature drinks. This competition stands as a testament to the thriving coffee culture in Indonesia and the growing trend towards sustainable plant-based alternatives.

Sixteen talented baristas went head-to-head in a display of creativity, artistry, and barista expertise. The participants were:

  • I Dewa Made Yudha Mahendra (Kynd Cafe)
  • Sony Tiyas (BGS)
  • Sthira Yabin Suprijadi (Hungry Bird Coffee)
  • Muhammad Faisal (Pison Jakarta)
  • Bryan Masga Wijaya (Volken Coffee)
  • Gatot (BGS)
  • Ni Luh Ayu Sutarini (Expat.Roasters)
  • I Putu Yusmar B (Watercress)
  • I Putu Yoga Styadi (Butterman)
  • Syahrur Ramadhan (Tree Coffee 2)
  • I Made Padang Juliantara Putra (Mitos Kopi)
  • Mujahidah (Setara)
  • Rudi (Personal)
  • Komang Hita Adi Paramadika (Tegukopi)
  • Rasdiawan (Bare Bottle – Kuta)
  • Kevin Quentin Christian (Nyom Nyom)

Shae Macnamara, Founder & CEO of Expat.Roasters opened the event and welcomed all baristas and sponsors. “We are thrilled to witness the exceptional talent and innovation showcased in the Battle of The Baristas. This competition is a celebration of the Indonesian coffee community and highlights the incredible skills and creativity that we have in this country.”

Charlyn, Regional Head of Partnerships at OATSIDE, also shared her excitement about the competition, stating, “The Battle of The Baristas is a platform that unites baristas from all over Indonesia, fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation. We are proud to support this event and witness the remarkable skills and dedication of these baristas in creating sustainable plant-based coffee experiences.”

Following the opening ceremony, Mikael Jassin, Brand Ambassador of OATSIDE, delivered a captivating mini talk on “How to Prepare for a Coffee Competition,” providing valuable insights and advice to the participants.

One of the Participants Is Creating a Cup of Latte Art

The heart of the semifinals revolved around the participants’ ability to meet the challenge of creating exquisite latte art with surprise patterns and two identical signature drinks containing OATSIDE milk and the Expat.Roasters coffee blend with at least one shot of espresso. Each participant took centre stage and demonstrated their skills and artistry.

The panel of judges, consisting of industry experts, played a pivotal role in determining the six participants who would proceed to the final stage. The participants that have succeeded in the semifinals and will move on to the last round as finalists are:

  • Sthira Yabin (Hungry Bird)
  • Yoga Satyadi (Butterman)
  • Gatot (BGS Bali)
  • Mujahidah (Setara)
  • Muhammad Faisal (Pison Jakarta)
  • Ayu Sutharini (Expat. Roasters)
The Battle of The Baristas
The Battle of The Baristas

The six deserving participants who earned their spot in the highly anticipated final stage, set to take place on 21st July 2023, at Expat.Roasters Surabaya, will face the ultimate challenge. They will perform live, skillfully crafting a signature drink using the mystery ingredients provided in a specially curated mystery box. The winner of the competition will not only receive the coveted main prize, a La Marzocco Linea Mini coffee machine but also a prestigious trophy, certificate, and a collection of Expat.Roasters and OATSIDE products with a value exceeding Rp100 million.

For more information about the Battle of The Baristas competition, including updates on the finalists and the final stage event, please visit the official website at

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