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Large Reptiles Emerge from the Sewers in Kemang

Large Reptiles Emerge from the Sewers in Kemang

A gigantic python slithered up from one of the sewers on Kemang Raya. It was one of two large reptiles that emerged as a result of flooding in the neighbourhood.

Flooding as usual took place yesterday, October 4, in Jakarta’s hip and trendy Kemang district. It was the latest in a string of many bad floods to hit the neighbourhood, and locals are at a loss of what to do or think about the government’s inaction to solve the problem.

Ular Sanca sepanjang 5 meter muncul di genangan air di depan Colony Kemang #JKTinfo

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It would have been business as usual. However, this time a gigantic python about three metres in length slithered up from one of the sewers in front of the Colony building on Kemang Raya. The snake frightened locals, as they half expected the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to appear as well.

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While Leonardo and Michelangelo did not make an appearance, a giant one-metre-long lizard did show up to accompany the humongous snake. Seriously, folks, we can’t make this stuff up! “The snake was swept here by the flood. It came from one of the sewers,” a Bangka neighbourhood official told Kompas.  

Selain ular sanca sepanjang 5 meter, ditemukan pula biawak di area Kemang #JKTinfo

A photo posted by Informasi Jakarta & Sekitarnya (@jktinfo) on

Locals believed the python to be dead on arrival in Kemang, but local media Okezone later reported that someone who works for the city soon thereafter turned a profit by selling the snake to a security guard at a Kemang cafe for Rp.150,000 (about US$11.50), which is bizarre to say the least.

For expats who think Jakarta is an urban locale that is safe from dangerous forest animals free of forest animals, think again. Indonesians, however, don’t even seem fazed by it, as some apparently just see jungle beasts exotic animals in the city as a way to make some extra cash.

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