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Uzbek and Russian Nationals Arrested for Drug Trafficking Operation in Bali

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Uzbek and Russian Nationals Arrested for Drug Trafficking Operation in Bali. Image Source: Humas Polri

The Bali Regional Police have uncovered a drug trafficking operation on the island involving Uzbek and Russian nationals.

At a press conference, the Deputy Director for Narcotics of the Bali Police revealed that six foreigners, three from Uzbekistan and three from Russia, along with one Indonesian citizen, were arrested for their involvement in the drug distribution network.

The arrests took place in different locations, and a total of 900 million worth of evidence was seized. The suspects were identified as AB, MA, and YO from Uzbekistan, and KM, KD, and RD from Russia, with an Indonesian citizen named SU.

Various quantities of drugs were found in the possession of each suspect. AB and SU were arrested in front of the Ramayana Hotel with cannabis, net hashish, and airsoft guns. KM was apprehended at a rented house with marijuana, hashish, and cocaine. KD and RD were secured in a village with cannabis and hashish, while YO and MA were found in a boarding house with a significant amount of narcotics.

The suspects will face charges under the Narcotics Law of the Republic of Indonesia. The Head of Public Relations of Bali Police confirmed that they would be charged with multiple articles of the law related to narcotics offences.

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