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Densus 88 Arrests Four Uzbek Nationals Linked to Terrorism

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Densus 88 Arrests Four Uzbek Nationals Linked to Terrorism

Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88) has succeeded in arresting four foreign nationals who have been linked to terrorism.

The foreign nationals are from Uzbekistan and have links to suspected acts of terrorism. The four Uzbek foreigners are identified as BKA (40), OMM alias IM (28), MR (26), and BA alias JF (32).

This was announced by Brigadier General Pol Ahmad Ramadhan on Tuesday 4th April 2023.

“The arrest of four foreigners was carried out on Friday 24th March 2023,” Ramadhan said, as quoted by PMJ News.

Furthermore, Ramadhan revealed that during the arrest, Densus 88 collaborated with the Class I Immigration Office in North Jakarta. In his press statement at the Jakarta Police Headquarters, Ramadhan also explained that BA was observed carrying out propaganda activities on social media.

“Three of the four foreigners are suspected of being involved in terrorist activities through propaganda on social media and being part of an international terrorist organisation network,” he explained.

He said that BA tried to spread this in order to seek sympathy from people and to be able to carry out acts of terror.

Three Uzbek foreigners were detected as part of a network of an international terrorist organisation called Katiba Tauhid Wal Jihad.

Densus 88, together with the government of Uzbekistan, found that they were operating around the Middle East, more specifically in Syria.

The police also confiscated a number of pieces of evidence from the perpetrators, namely several Uzbekistan passports and ID cards.

“We found a receipt for receiving a MoneyGram, a sheet of flight booking codes, an iPad, a number of cell phones, and screenshots of propaganda results,” said Ramadhan.

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