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Learning from Home Extended by Six Weeks in East Java

The Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, has issued an extension of the school closures on 16th April 2020, in continued attempts to tackle COVID-19 in East Java.

Guided by the circular notice from the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture number 4, year 2020, regarding implementing an education policy during the spread of COVID-19, changes regarding to East Java’s circular notice number 420/2010/101.1/2020 were made.

Firstly, the policy of working and learning from home has been extended. The period of working from home for school supervisors, principals, and teachers at high schools, vocational high schools (SMK), and special education and special services education (PK-PLK) institutes in East Java were intended to end on 21st April 2020. With this new announcement, it has been extended until 1st June 2020. As it stands, schools will resume on 2nd June.

The dates also apply to students in high school, vocational high schools (SMK), and special education and special services educational institutes in East Java. They were initially advised to learn from home until 21st April 2020. However, they must now continue their education at home until 1st June 2020, with the intention that schools will reopen on 2nd June 2020.

The period of working and learning from home will be re-evaluated according to the COVID-19 outbreak situation in East Java and may be extended further. Khofifah also advised the education unit in the regional office of the Ministry of Religion and District or city governments to consider the development of the virus spreading in their respective working areas.

Source: East Java Regional Goverment

Image: Suara Surabaya

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