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Top 10 Rafting Spots in Indonesia

Serayu river - Source: Republika

Many people increasingly enjoy sport that gets the adrenaline pumping. Most of them consider this sport to be a fun activity as well as training for fitness. To increase your adrenaline means to challenge your limits; people try to measure their braveness and to conquer their fear.

One of the the challenging sports that has always been attractive to adrenaline junkies is rafting. It places emphasis on teamwork and forces you to fight against your fear on the water. However, people tend to know nothing about where they can start their rafting adventure. If you are a rafting lover and are looking for the best place for your hobby, here we provide the top ten rafting spots in Indonesia.

Nimanga river – Source: Visit Manado

1. Nimanga River, North Sulawesi
Nimanga River is the best rafting spot in North Sulawesi, located in Minahasa Regency. This spot has unique tracks. The condition of the river that is not too steep which makes Nimanga River good for beginners. In addition, Nimanga River is still very natural and beautiful to explore. When going down the river, you can still see a variety of wildlife roaming around the banks.

Serayu river – Source: Republika

2. Serayu River, Banjarnegara
One of the best spots for rafting in Indonesia is in Banjarnegara, Central Java, the Serayu River. This river is not widely known by lovers of rafting so it’s relatively quiet and has not yet been explored widely by tourists. But what you need to know is that Serayu River has a very challenging contour that must be tried by experienced rafters. Moreover, Serayu River also provides outbound facilities that will add the excitement of your rafting adventure.

Pekalen river – Source: Songa Rafting

3. Pekalen River, East Java
East Java also isn’t one to be left behind,it also has one of the best rafting spots which is on the Pekalen River. Pekalen River has a depth of about 3 metres and is located in Probolinggo Regency. When doing rafting on this river, you will be treated to a view of 7 waterfalls. The river contour is quite challenging and has a cliff with a height of approximately 5 metres. The cliff is also used as a spot for jumping off. For lovers of adrenaline-challenging activities, the Pekalen River must be on your list.

Asahan river – Source: Agen Travel Medan

4. Asahan River, North Sumatra
This river is very challenging for rafting. With river-flow speeds reaching 20 cubic metres per second, and included as one of the hardest routes, this river is often used as a venue for international and national rafting competitions. The Asahan River is touted as the third best rafting spot in the world, after Zambesi in Africa and the Colorado River in the United States. The river is forded along 22 kilometres.

Citarik river – Source Jejak Piknik

5. Citarik River, Sukabumi
This river is located in Mount Halimun National Park. Rafting on the Citarik River is so popular since it is a favorite destination for travellers looking for a rafting spot in West Java. The difficulty level for this river is suitable for beginners all the way up to professionals. The shortest route can be taken by wading for only one hour.

Ayung river – Source: Indonesia Punya

6. Ayung River, Bali
Getting to the Ayung River in Ubud will take one hour if you depart from Bali Ngurah Rai Airport. The time taken for rafting in this river is approximately 2 hours, with a track or river path of about 13 kilometres. During the rafting trip on the Ayung River, you will be taken to enjoy the rapids of the river. You also will have opportunity to take pictures on the edge of the Ayung River at Ubud, which has a background of carvings along the river wall.

Green Canyon – Source: Airpaz

7. Green Canyon, Pangandaran
Pangandaran is not only famous for it’s beaches, but also spots for rafting. When you are in Green Canyon, you don’t ride a boat to go down to the river but instead use tires, or better known as body rafting. The location and condition of Green Canyon, which is quite safe, means this place is often visited by many tourists who want to feel the sensation of rafting in a different way. If you are interested, then Green Canyon can be one of the best rafting destinations in Indonesia.

Alas river – Source: Dolan Dolen

8. Alas River, Aceh
Mentioning the name of Aceh, you might think first about Gunung Leuser National Park. In this National Park area, there is one river that divides the forest which is called the Alas River. What’s interesting about this river is that it is often used as a location for rafting and has a challenging difficulty level. This river is also often used as a location to hold the annual Aceh Leuser International Rafting Championship, where the participants come from various countries. If you want to try your nerve to conquer the Alas River, then you must come to Aceh.

Telaga Waja river – Source: Korina

9. Telaga Waja River, Bali
One of the most popular rivers in Bali for rafting is the Telaga Waja Karangasem river. With the longest rafting track, Telaga Waja river has become a favourite destination for foreign tourists. It takes around 2.5 hours to do rafting on the Telaga Waja river. For those who want a challenging experience, you should come in the dry season. During this period, the Telaga Waja river offers a fairly swift river current.

Lamandau river – Source: Jalan Jalan Yuk

10. Lamandau River, Central Kalimantan
Known for its long and large rivers, Kalimantan is one of the homes for rafting lovers. One of the rivers that must be tested is the Lamandau river in Central Kalimantan province. At this spot, rafting lovers will get a different and challenging experience. The track is difficult with a strong river current. Also, the scenery that is presented when rafting on the Lamandau river is very beautiful. This means that you can satisfy your thirst for adrenaline and also spoil yourself with beautiful scenery at the same time.

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