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Top 5 of Most Beautiful Rice Field Attractions in Indonesia

rice field
Rice field Bukit Pergasingan (Source:

The bustle of the city can make us feel bored and for that reason, people need to release some stress. Travelling is the best way.

Recently not only beaches and mountains, but also rice fields are becoming popular tourist attraction.

They not only offer beautiful scenery; rice field tourism also provides good experience and a chance to enjoy nature. Here are 5 of the most beautiful rice fields in Indonesia, ready to widen your eyes and take your breath away.

Tegalalang (Source: iNews)

1. Tegalalang, Ubud, Bali
Tegalalang rice field, located in Bali, is famous for its beautiful terraces. To get there from Denpasar city it takes about two hours by car. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a green expanse surrounded by towering coconut trees and cool air. Not surprisingly, Tegalalang rice fields will make your holiday more memorable.
Because of its beauty, Tegalalang rice fields are almost never devoid of tourist visits, both domestic and foreign.

Bukit Pergasingan (Source:

2. Bukit Pergasingan, Lombok
Bukit Pergasingan Lombok is a favourite spot in West Nusa Tenggara to enjoy the view of rice fields, especially for nature lovers and mountain climbers. Located in Sembalun Village, Bukit Pergasingan is a towering hill located next to Mount Rinjani.

Bukit Pergasingan it at a height of 1670 metres above sea level, only a difference of 56 metres from Mount Andong in Magelang. Bukit Pergasingan offers a colorful view of the rice fields of Sembalun Village. Besides Sembalun Village, Mount Rinjani is also clearly visible and makes the view astonishing.

Also, the sunrise at the top of Bukit Pergasingan is no less beautiful than the expansive plains.

Sawah Laba-laba (Source: IDN Times)

3. Sawah Laba-laba, Flores
Flores is not just about the island of Komodo. There is a beautiful place that is also a must-visit when you stop by on the island of Flores. It is Spiderweb Rice Fields or Sawah Laba-laba, a unique rice field that resembles a cobweb that will make anyone impressed.

Spiderweb Rice Fields is located in Manggarai Regency, Ruteng District, Cancar Village. Besides its shape that resembles a cobweb, the division of land for farming is also interesting to learn about.

Each part is referred to as Lodok. Meanwhile, in the center of a rice field, a piece of wood is used as a shaft for the circle. Although it looks complicated, people feel amazed at the view.

Lembah Harau (Source: Padang Kita)

4. Lembah Harau, West Sumatra
Located in the Harau District, Lima Puluh Kota Regency, Lembah Harau is a fertile valley. When entering the area of Lembah Harau, tourists will find a lot of stunning beauty along the way. Because of its beauty, Lembah Harau is visited by many tourists, especially domestic visitors from Riau, North Sumatra and Jambi.

Lembah Harau is famous for having a very interesting topography and is part of the Cagar Alam Harau. From Lembah Harau, visitors will be able to also visit five beautiful waterfalls.

rice field
Rice field Puncak Gebang (Source: Yogadolan)

5. Puncak Gebang, Yogyakarta
Gebang is one of the new tourism sites in Jogja, located in Jalan Dadap Kulon, Bawuran, Pleret, Bantul. Puncak Gebang is located above the mountains, presenting the natural scenery of the mountains, typical of the city of Yogyakarta that is able to make anyone fascinated during a visit.
The cold atmosphere will make your mind cool and fresh. Facing west, with an impressive view, Puncak Gebang becomes a tourist spot that is suitable for sunset hunters in Yogyakarta.
The main attraction of the visitors of this tour is the green expanse of rice fields and villages seen from the top.

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