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Sydney Man Who Assaulted Hotel Guards Released

A Sydney man was accused of assaulting security guards at a hotel

A Sydney man, Scott James Harrison, was released from behind bars in Bali after being accused of assaulting security guards at his hotel.

“Yes, he (Harrison) was released and reached a peaceful agreement with the victim,” I Putu Ika Prabawa, from Police of Kuta Region, said on Sunday 3rd November.

Previously, Harrison had been accused of assaulting three security guards at TS Suites hotel in Kuta on Wednesday 30th October. The victims are Cristofianus Abukun (51), Juplianus Hanu (26), and Yeremias Hasu (37).
For this incident, Harrison was arrested at Kuta police station with his lawyer, saying that he was drunk and couldn’t remember much of what happened.

In response to this case, Harrison came to a peaceful agreement with his alleged victims by agreeing to pay compensation and their medical expenses.

Source: Detik, 7News

Image: Daily mail

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