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Indonesian Inmates Involved in “Sextortion” Scam

The Bandung Police have named three inmates currently serving their sentence at the Class II A Bandung Narcotics Penitentiary, popularly known as Jelekong prison, as suspects in a “sextortion” case.

They allegedly committed the crimes from within their cells with the use of mobile phones and other telecommunication devices, which they were not supposed to have access to.

Bandung Police chief Sr. Comr. Hendro Pandowo said the arrests began after a report was filed by a 40-year-old woman who claimed the suspects said they would spread her naked photos and videos on social media if she did not send them a certain amount of money.

“The suspects are part of a syndicate known as PELAYARAN. It has been indicated that many other inmates have joined the syndicate,” said Hendro in Bandung on Thursday.

The suspects allegedly first searched for their targets, women between 25 and 30 years old, via social media platforms such as Facebook, MeetMe and Instagram. Using fake accounts, the suspects allegedly asked for their victims’ contact numbers and enticed them to become their girlfriends or wives. They later asked them to send their naked photos and videos.

During their interrogation, the suspects said they had been committing such crimes since 2016. “The victims are from areas across Indonesia and Saudi Arabia,” said Hendro.

The police charged them under the Criminal Code’s (KUHP) Article 369 on extortion, as well as Article 48 and Article 32 of Law No. 19/2016 on information and electronic transactions

Source: Jakarta Post

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