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Organising Rentals with Minimal Storage


Moving tends to be heinous. You might be using a big truck transporting your boxes of belongings or merely bringing a few suitcases on a flight.

Either way, organising storage determines the tone of your space, which can be tricky for someone who has tons of belongings renting a less spacious place.

I’m actually one of those people who like to bring existing furniture when moving in, plus my other possessions. Indeed, that’s a lot to pack, unpack, and then organise. I could always purchase something new, but selling online takes time. My mind constantly goes: “what if I need ABC?” At the same time, that doesn’t stop me from more shopping – oops!

Growing up, I relocated plenty of times with and without my family. It was only in my early 20s that I realised I’m a maximalist – thanks mum, for influencing me. Shopping without thinking about the space to store and organise in a temporary home contributes to spaces looking narrower, and at times, messier.

Trying to make a functional room and remain maximally spacious is a necessity. The key is in the arrangement of the storage space you have.  In order to store more items, you need to think creatively.

Several approaches to organising piles of items come into place. What are they?

  1. Bring dimension and function to the walls

Floor space will eventually run out. You can install sturdy additional shelves on the wall so that small items can be placed together and create more vertical space in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Such small items include books, accessories, kitchen appliances, frames, and many more.

Rearrange the height too. Raising or lowering shelves to accommodate more items is effortless. You can even pick up a much-needed skill and no longer need a handyman or woman. Be sure drilling into walls is allowed by your landlord first!


  1. Use a storage ottoman

An ottoman is a chair without a backrest, usually placed in rooms like your living room, family room, or bedroom. However, unlike other ottoman chairs, the storage ottoman is usually placed at the end of the bed. You get a chair and storage all at once!


  1. Utilise the door’s backside

Oftentimes, doors are neglected as a storage option. You can use self-adhesive wall bags or install a stick-on rack. There are even hanging shoe pouches to dismiss the need for a typical shoe rack.


  1. Suitcases aren’t merely for travels

Storing possessions in suitcases saves space. Some YouTubers like to store their out-of-season garments in suitcases because they simply want to keep their space tidy and not overwhelming. Living in Indonesia, however, means you can store items seldomly used inside the suitcase.

Fans of the vintage style can opt for vintage suitcases to add an aesthetic while having extra storage as well as a functioning table. Having multifunctional furniture is one way to get around. Use it instead of a side table, placing it at the end of the bed or under a plant in the corner of the room.


  1. Choosing or building a mirrored shelf cabinet

Bathrooms, especially for ladies or anyone who takes time over their appearance, become a hoarding area for all sorts of items. There are skincare products, cotton pads, tubes of toothpaste, cotton buds, soaps, face masks, toothbrushes, and hair care products – the list goes on. The mirror above the sink can be transformed into a cabinet for these necessities. It’s within arm’s reach and stacks neatly, easy for you to scan and grab.

  1. Under the bed

For those of you who opt for unfurnished rental spaces, choosing a bed with multiple drawers is a lifesaver. Even if a bed already comes with the deal, you can use clear container boxes, rattan baskets from Yogyakarta and Bali, or foldable storage bins to be placed beneath the bed. It’s up to you what you’d like to be stored away from the eye.

  1. Organise according to function and form

Ever turned your living space into what looked like a tornado flew through, causing a mess, all because you couldn’t find your favourite trousers? Store your belongings in one place and use identification so you don’t scramble and make mistakes when you need it at any time. While you’re on an organising grind, purchase containers and print out labels to easily bring convenience and tidiness. It saves time since you already know where your belongings are stored. This applies to all rooms!

Renting a space usually comes with the mindset of not wanting to bring forth extra effort. I get it. You might as well be mindful and make the most of what we got ourselves, right? Sure, less shopping – says maximalists (myself included) out there.

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