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Booster Vaccination Dose 2 Starting 29th July

Booster vaccination
Booster Vaccination Dose 2 Starting 29th July

The Health Ministry has confirmed that it will immediately issue a circular for the implementation of a follow-up booster vaccination this week. The policy will go into effect on Friday 29th July 2022. 

This was stated by the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) of the Health Ministry, Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, when talking with CNBC Indonesia on Thursday 28th July. 

Rondonuwu said that for the initial stage, the booster vaccination will be for health workers who have received the first booster dose. 

The government is planning a second booster COVID-19 vaccination, which will be the fourth dose. This decision was taken because the post-vaccination antibody period only lasts for six months.

Spokesman for the Health Ministry, Mohammad Syahril, said that, so far, there are no signs of the COVID-19 pandemic ending. Therefore, further antibodies are needed, especially for vulnerable groups.

“If the pandemic continues for a long time, then there is a recommendation from various parties for a second booster vaccination, especially for risk groups such as the elderly, health workers, and those who serve the public,” said Syahril some time ago.

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