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Ma’ruf Amin Pushes for More Disabled Welfare

Ma'ruf Amin - Vice President
Vice President Ma'ruf Amin

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin is aiming to boost access to better welfare for disabled people in the workforce, regardless of their limitations, as he marks International Disability Day.

“The government will continue to strive to improve access to basic services, such as education, health, and employment opportunities for people with disabilities, in an effort to ensure the fulfilment of basic rights and to increase the dignity and independence of people with disabilities,” remarked the Vice President.

Disabled people should be able to expect to be able to lead an independent existence, with employment, status, and income. “Data shows that people with disabilities are more likely to not go to school and to have less opportunity to participate in the labour market. Moreover, their spending rate is also 30 percent higher than other families,” he added.

The Vice President revealed that the government had set a budget for compensation for disabled people, but he believed that the number could be higher. He also praised private sector organisations that have offered work opportunities for disabled people. Specific facilities provided by these employers include stress management at the workplace and the application of production targets in line with their abilities.

Source: Tempo
Image: Tribunnews

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