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Diving and Snorkelling in Raja Ampat

Diving and Snorkelling in Raja Ampat. Image Hawksbill_Sea_Turtle_(c)Thomas_Haider

Raja4Divers is a small diving and snorkelling resort located on Pulau Pef, one of the most diverse islands in Raja Ampat, West Papua.

Raja Ampat

The area of Raja Ampat is situated in the centre of the coral triangle, and scientists acknowledge this region to be the earth’s richest seascape. Its reefs offer some of the most diverse dive sites in the world, and the unspoiled beauty of Raja Ampat above and below the water is unmatched. Countless limestone islands are scattered across the azure ocean, and the reefs are home to 75 percent of all known coral species and more than 1500 species of reef fish.

Let’s dive into the amazing marine life of Raja Ampat! After a stunning boat ride through untouched areas and picturesque islets, you will get to one of the more than 80 dives sites accessible from Pulau Pef. Roll backwards into the water and let the underwater beauty unveil in front of you.

From Giant Manta Rays to tiny Pygmy Seahorses, Raja Ampat has it all. During a typical week, it is possible to see many varieties of schooling fish, pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, wobbegong sharks, reef sharks, the endemic Raja Ampat walking shark (bamboo shark), bumphead parrotfishes, turtles, giant trevallies, barracudas, manta rays, and almost every reef fish and critter you can find in books.

A Paradise for Snorkellers Too

Not only divers get their money’s worth in Raja Ampat, but snorkellers will also find an underwater paradise tailored to their needs. The water temperature is around 28°C all year round, perfect even for longer snorkelling trips. There are many different snorkelling locations, some of which can be reached comfortably by kayak. You will find colourful reefs and coral gardens and almost every kind of animal imaginable. It is not uncommon for snorkellers to see more variety of marine life than divers.

Sweetlips_(c)Thomas_HaiderReef_(c)_Claudia_PeyerRaja4Divers_Mount_Pef_View_Resort_Gorgonia_(c)Thomas_HaiderBlue_Ringed_Octopus_(c)Pere_RubioPigmy_Seahorse_(c)Barbara_MollFreediving_Statues_(c)Raja4DiversOxeyes_(c)_Barbara_MollUnderwater Life, R4D Manta Ray
Pulau Pef 

The unique and diverse island of Pef, featuring its own lookout on Mount Pef, is very remote and privately owned. There are no other resorts or villages on the island.

Dripping in a lush virgin tropical jungle, it is just waiting to be explored: spectacular bays, many small islets, blue lagoons, white sandy beaches, hidden lakes, «mushroom» outcrops, ancient rock art on karst cliffs, pristine blue waters, mangroves and an incredible variety of exotic birds, monitor lizards, and colourful crabs can easily be discovered on foot or by kayak. Be it hiking, climbing, kayaking, swimming, birding or just plain relaxing – Pulau Pef offers it all.

Pulau Pef’s house reef offers easy diving or snorkelling at all times and is accessible directly from the bungalows or the resort jetty. With its resident community of baby Blacktip Reef sharks, turtles, big schools of fish and any variety of invertebrates, as well as a steadily growing number of coral bommies and beautiful giant clams, it is a perfect representation of what the Raja Ampat underwater world has to offer. In other words – Pulau Pef is a mini Raja Ampat all in one!

Raja4Divers Resort

The Raja4Divers resort is under Swiss management and run by an experienced, qualified and warm-hearted team. The resort opened in June 2011 and has been welcoming guests from all over the world ever since.

It features only ten authentic Papuan style water bungalows, nestled along a palm-fringed, west-facing beach, with spectacular sunsets right in front of the resort. Built with local materials, the bungalow’s design relies on proven traditional building methods and blends with modern ideas in order to maximize the airflow and promote well-being, without compromising the natural surroundings.

With a size of 128m2, a huge indoor/outdoor en suite bathroom and a large over-water sunset terrace, each bungalow can fit between one and four people very comfortably. All the furniture and beautiful fittings are designed and created on-site by the local construction team. The open structure allows for all sorts of jungle sounds to be heard and conveys a feeling of being one with nature.

Raja4Divers is one of the most exclusive dive resorts in Raja Ampat but attaches great importance to an informal and homely atmosphere: Arrive as a guest. Feel like a king. Leave as a friend.


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