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LBH Jakarta: 50 Students Missing after DPR Protests

The university students demonstrated in front of DPR

About 50 students have been reported missing by The Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH Jakarta) since early Wednesday 25th September.

The students were known to have been participating in the protests, which took place around the parliament (DPR) building. The protest soon turned into rioting and clashes.

“Some said their friends were arrested, some are not yet coming back, they are worried as the police swept all over the places,” said LBH Jakarta chief Arief Zulkifli mentioned.

According to LBH’s report, 26 students from Singaperbangsa University in Karawang had been arrested by the police in Palmerah, West Jakarta. Six students from Jenderal Ahmad Yani University, along with two students from Padjajaran University were also arrested.

Meanwhile, 11 other students from the State Islamic University, the Jakarta Art Institute, and Yarsi University had also been held. Arief suggestedthat there are more students from different universities still missing in the report. He also claims to have visited the Jakarta Metro Police and West Jakarta Police to corroborate the data. He hopes that the police will not conduct questioning of the students without legal assistance, or prevent them from getting a lawyer.

Source: Tempo
Image: BBC

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