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Government Provided Wifi in Jakarta

Government Provided Wifi in Jakarta

The provincial government of DKI Jakarta has launched the “JakWiFi” program.

It has been developed to improve the quality of public services by providing free WiFi to six administrative areas of DKI Jakarta.

JakWIFI is a collaboration between the DKI Jakarta provincial government and the Telecommunications Network Providers Association. Anies Baswedan, the Governor of DKI Jakarta, noted that there are currently 4,956 JakWiFi access points and hopes to expand to approximately 9,000 access points in the next two months.

With the establishment of JakWiFi, there are hopes to optimise the home learning process. Anies also hopes that activities in areas such as the economic sector, business sector, government services, communications, and public transport will improve and become more accessible.

“The presence of JakWiFi has a broader purpose and is part of the provision of city infrastructure and the expansion of internet access to different communities,” explained Anies.

Anies hopes that JakWiFi will encourage the people of Jakarta to be more involved in digital activities – both consuming and creating.

Source: Merdeka

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