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A Nigerian Attacked Two Elderly Women in Jakarta Apartment

Nigerian attacks two women
A Nigerian Attacked Two Elderly Women in Jakarta Apartment. image

The police have arrested a Nigerian citizen, Augustus Nwambara (32) after he abused two elderly people in an apartment in the Kelapa Gading area, North Jakarta.

The perpetrator also stabbed one of the victims. The Nigerian man attacked the victim after previously becoming angry for unknown reasons.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the North Jakarta Metro Police, Police Grand Commissioner Adjutant Iverson Manossoh, said that the persecution of the elderly couple occurred on Friday, 5th May 2023 at around 6.43pm.

Prior to the incident, said Manossoh, the suspect was already on the 20th floor of the apartment. The victims were also already in the apartment because they were residents of the apartment.

That night, the first victim with the initial N (55) heard a sound that was allegedly someone kicking the door not far from the unit where she lived.

It turned out that there was a Nigerian man who acted aggressively at the crime scene. Reportedly for no reason, the victim was chased by the perpetrator and then there was an act of violence.

“Initially there was an elderly person with the initial N (55) who heard a commotion outside his apartment unit on the 20th floor. Then N came out of his residence and saw Nwambara who was raging. Seeing N, the perpetrator immediately approached and beat him,” said Manossoh on Saturday, 6th May 2023.

The incident was then seen by another elderly person with the initials RD (58). She tried to help N but also became a victim of abuse by the suspect.

Nwambara stabbed RD with a sharp weapon taken from RD’s unit, attacking the back and several other body parts.

The police then arrested Augustus Nwambara directly on Friday night and on Saturday he was named a suspect in the case.

Meanwhile, North Jakarta Metro Police Chief Commissioner Gidion Arif Setyawan revealed that the results of the suspect’s examination were negative for consuming alcohol and narcotics.

The results of urine tests and alcohol were negative, then narcotics were also negative,” said Setyawan on Monday, 8th May 2023.

Setyawan added that with the results of the examination, his team needed to involve forensic psychologists to explore the motives for Nwambara’s behaviour.

The perpetrator has now been arrested and named as a suspect. He was charged with Article 351 of the Criminal Code regarding maltreatment and is now being detained at the North Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters Detention Centre.

If the act of abuse results in serious injury, the suspect may face imprisonment for a maximum of five years.

The police will also coordinate with the Class I Immigration Office in North Jakarta to see the track record of the foreigner before the incident of persecution for investigation needs.

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