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Flooding Across Jakarta After Heavy Rain Overnight

Flood in Jakarta

Heavy rain that landed on Jakarta on Friday (17/01) night through to Saturday (18/01) morning has led to flooding in a number of locations in the capital.

Based on a report from the Traffic Management Center of Polda Metro Jaya, flooding has occured at Jalan Sutomo, Cawang, East Jakarta.

In addition, flooding points were also seen at Jalan Kemandoran, West Jakarta, and the Bendungan Hilir area, Central Jakarta.

Water has also puddled on a number of roads in Jakarta. The roads that are flooded included in front of Atma Jaya University, Semanggi area, Central Jakarta.

Inundation can also be seen on Jalan Gatot Subroto near the Kuningan traffic light heading to Semanggi, South Jakarta. In response, police officers are regulating traffic to avoid traffic jams.

Source: Kompas

Image: Kronologi

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