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Business/Property SMEs Solution and Convenience to Tax Reporting Services

Launched on 14th July 2020, has reached more than 3322 users from 2540 registered business entities in Indonesia.

This application was first initiated by Fintax (PT. Fintek Integrasi Digital), one of the registered official Tax Application Service Providers (PJAP). Under the supervision of the Indonesian Directorate General of Taxes, Fintax Co-founder and CEO Rayhan Gautama, Co-founder & CTO Jefriansyah Hertikawan, and Co-founder & CPO Fadil Moestar developed this application based on a common reason to provide the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sector with tax inclusion platform.

Director-General of Taxes Suryo Utomo conveyed that by early 2020, only about 2 million out of 60 million SMEs have paid their taxes in Indonesia.

Launching an application amidst the global pandemic was not an easy step, however, a positive impact on state tax revenue is seen throughout the year. More than 14,025 transactions with a nominal managed tax of more than Rp22.6 billion have been recorded.

According to Fintax CEO and Co-founder Rayham Gautama, there are at least two reasons why tax inclusion in SMEs sector is very low.

“Based on some studies and various scientific journals, the tax compliance online system owned by the Directorate General of Taxes is seen as less user friendly and secondly, there’s a lack of socialisation to the SMEs owners.” SMEs Solution and Convenience to Tax Reporting Services is the preeminent application which provides solution and convenience for SMEs tax reporting purposes, including billing code generation services for tax payment needs and a user-friendly Tax Return (SPT) reporting service. In addition, Fintax is actively providing socialisation and reaching out to SMEs sector to promote this ease of tax administration.

“Socialisation and education to communities are part of social empowerment on giving back to the nation by encouraging citizens to practice their tax obligations. Among those various opportunities to disseminate taxation which resulted in positive responses are the socialisation to SME communities in Eastern Indonesia assisted by ‘Kitongbisa’ and to ‘Santara’ as one of the largest equity crowdfunding platforms for SMEs in Indonesia,” Rayham added.

Next year,’s features and services development will be highlighted. A plan to expand its services will be carried out to better assist users with tax calculations. Moreover, new features such as e-Faktur end-to-end and e-Bupot tax related with PPh 23/26 administration will process proof of withholding and tax reporting in electronic documents.

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