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Minister Discusses Second Home Visas and Permits for Former Indonesians

second home visa
Minister Discusses Second Home Visas and Permits for Former Indonesians

The government will be issuing second home visas for foreign citizens as an opportunity for them to settle in Indonesia, revealed the Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna H Laoly.

The news was conveyed by Laoly while attending the dissemination of the latest Indonesian citizenship and immigration policy at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in San Francisco, United States Saturday 25th June 2022.

“Second home visas provide opportunities for foreign nationals, including the elderly, who wish to settle in Indonesia,” said Laoly in a written statement, quoted on Thursday 30th June.

According to his explanation, the policy is a provision contained in law number 11 of 2020 concerning job creation. The second home visa can be used by foreigners who want to spend their retirement in Indonesia as well as by some foreigners who, due to other provisions, cannot be accommodated with other types of residence permits.  

The Job Creation Law amends, deletes, or stipulates new arrangements for several provisions stipulated in law number 6 of 2011 concerning immigration.

Furthermore, the Director of Immigration Residence Permits at the Law and Human Rights Ministry, Pramella Yunidar Pasaribu, said that the Directorate General of Immigration has a role in providing visa services and residence permits based on policies for former Indonesian citizens who will return to Indonesia.

The goal is to be able to play a role as a facilitator of national economic development,”  said Pasaribu. 

The mechanism is by submitting an immigration document service to the residence permit service as referred to in law number 6 of 2011 and government regulation number 31 of 2013. Former Indonesians have the freedom to work and do business in accordance with the laws and regulations as holders of a permanent residence permit (ITAP).

“They also have the opportunity to stay in Indonesia longer, and have the opportunity to own property according to the laws and regulations,” she added.

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