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Lombok Expects Tourism Boost with 2021 MotoGP Deal

Moto GP

Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB), is set to host a MotoGP racing event in 2021.

“We are confident that the MotoGP will be an amazing opportunity to lift up tourism in Lombok and Sumbawa,” Awanadhi Aswinabawa, chairman of the Indonesian Tourism Association’s (GIPI) NTB said.

Lombok and Sumbawa constitute two of NTB’s largest islands. Another 278 small islands, known as the Gilis are also part of the NTB province. Awanadhi stated that even though the race will take place in Lombok, it will also boost tourism in other parts of the province.

“It will positively impact tourism development in Lombok and Sumbawa and serve as an amazing economic boost for the province. And in the end, it will also help increase the quality of our tourism services,” he added.

The MotoGP race will be held at the new circuit in Lombok’s Mandalika Special Economic Zone. This will be the third time Indonesia will host the international race, having previously hosted MotoGP races in 1996 and 1997 at Sentul International Circuit, Bogor.

“A race like the MotoGP is watched by over 400 million people worldwide. And that is a very powerful marketing tool for us,” Ricky Baheramsjah, Head of Investment and Marketing at the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) added. The ITDC is a state-owned company which managed to seal the deal with Dorna Sport’s MotoGP for a spot in the 2021 season.

The 2021 MotoGP race is expected to garner at least 120,000 onsite spectators. It will be broadcasted in 428 million homes across 207 countries.

Source: The Jakarta Post
Image: Tribun Timur

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