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Bogor-Jakarta Takes up to 17 Hours Journey

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Congestion occurred on the Jalur Puncak, Bogor, West Java during the long holiday period 27-28 February 2022, resulting in some travellers experiencing 12 to 17 hours of jams from Puncak to Jakarta. 

Vehicles were seen swarming through the connecting lane in the Cianjur area. On the night of Sunday 27th February 2022, major traffic congestion occurred at a number of points in the area, from the Cisarua area to Megamendung Gunung Mas, or from the Tea Garden to the Safari Park.

Reporting from Kompas Regional on Monday 28th February, Bogor Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Iman Imanuddin said that there could be several factors that caused the traffic snarls.

Coincidentally, because of the long holiday, the volume of two- and four-wheeled vehicles continued to increase and this afternoon (Sunday), around two o’clock, a car broke down at six different points, so there was a narrowing,said Imanuddin. “There are two lanes to the top, so because the car that broke down took up part of the lane, there were vehicles that swerved to pass the broken down car.”

Imanuddin also explained that traffic congestion occurs because tourists who ride motorbikes stop at the shoulder of the road so that it hinders the flow of vehicle movement.

The police then implemented a situational one-way system policy on that route. On Monday, a one-way system was implemented for the route to Jakarta. Four-wheeled vehicles that go to Puncak will not be allowed to pass on the lane until the one-way system is complete.

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