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Expats Looking Forward to Lombok’ First Jazz Festival

Jazz Event

These days, jazz events are becoming increasingly popular, as they are now held in many places around the world. The island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) will become one of them soon, as the Lombok Jazz Festival 2017 will be held in Mataram city. This first international jazz event in Lombok is predicted to attract large numbers of expats and foreign tourists.

“This event will be the stage for artists, businessmen, government officials, associations and citizens to meet and discuss various cooperation opportunities. Then, the most important thing is how this event will be advantageous for local artists and people as a part of the social and economic framework development in Lombok,” explained the director of ADA Events Asia Daniel Albert Yap, as quoted by Brilio.

The event is scheduled from August 18 to 20, 2017, and everyone can attend for free. Several famous international and local jazz musicians will be participating. Featuring “Bringing the World to Lombok” as its concept, the Lombok Jazz Festival will not only provide jazz music performances. There also will be traditional music, culinary attractions and other performances that aim to make the event rich with local culture.

People in Indonesia have known for a while that the tourism sector on Lombok would grow fast in 2017. Ahyar Abduh, mayor of Lombok, hopes the event can make Lombok a more well-known place for music tourism.

Press Conference LJF

By collaborating local artist with international musicians in a carnival-themed atmosphere, the organizers of the Lombok Jazz Festival aim to create a memorable experience for the performers and audience. Abduh stated that he welcomes the event, musicians and tourists with open arms, as mentioned by Indonesia Trip News.

Speaking of Mataram, the people of NTB’s capital city are said to be open to all kinds of development. The media reports that locals are not overly concerned with the potential mess the festival might bring to their town, and are in fact excited about the event.

“Many music events have been conducted in Mataram, and the interest is considerably high. We don’t want to disappoint the foreign guests, that’s why we are giving our best in the preparation to make sure that they will come back to Lombok again,” said Abduh.

For expats, the Lombok Jazz Festival should be a promising event to look forward to on the island each year. It aims to bring together various organizers, sponsors, musicians and artists from all over the world for the sake of local tourism and industry.

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Image credits: Swa, Keponews

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