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Komodo National Park Remains Closed

Komodo National Park Remains Closed

Head of Komodo National Park, Lukita Awang Nistyantara, has issued a circular letter on Thursday, May 28 regarding the extension of the temporary closure of the Komodo National Park area in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This circular letter was made together with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as well as the Directorate General of Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems (KSDAE). Several points targeting both tourists, travel agencies and local businesses who wish to get back on their feet at the area anytime soon.

The closure of the Komodo National Park in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 was written in the Announcement of Head of Komodo National Park Office No. PG. 304 / T.17 / TU / REN / 03/2020. Furthermore, cruise ships visiting the Komodo National Park are temporarily banned, written in the Announcement from the Head of Komodo National Park Office No. PG. 279 / T.17 / TU / REN / 03/2020.

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All tourist destinations for tourism activities within the Komodo National Park area are closed temporarily until further notice, or until the direction of the Regional Head or Head of the COVID-19 Handling Task Force in the area makes an announcement in the future. This also includes research, education, expedition, and other activities involving many people will be carried out very limitedly.  Cruise ships, moreover, that have a large capacity of passengers are not allowed to enter the Komodo National Park area until an undetermined time.

The local authorities believe that extending the closure of this natural tourism site is in order to provide protection for the health of the officers and the community in the Komodo National Park area.

The temporary closure and reopening of this natural tourism area, including the National Park, will be re-evaluated regarding the policies of the Minister of Environment and Forestry, the Director-General of KSDAE, and the local government in efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Moreover, this action is also evaluated and carried out by following the policies issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the regional government. Until now, there has been no official policy issued by the authorities authorised to reopen this natural tourism area in East Nusa Tenggara.

Source: Komodo National Park Office PENGUMUMAN PENUTUPAN TNK (2)

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