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Entering Indonesia 17th July Onwards

entering Indonesia
Entering Indonesia 17th July Onwards

Indonesian citizens and foreigners travelling to Indonesia can enter without PCR, as long as they have received a double dosage of a COVID-19 vaccine, from 17th July onwards. 

The latest circular to regulate overseas travel during the COVID-19 pandemic is contained in circular number 22 of 2022, signed by the Head of the Task Force, Suharyanto, on Tuesday 8th July 2022. It covers overseas travellers entering Indonesian territory through entry points at airports, ports, and cross-border posts.

The conditions for entering Indonesia through any entry point include being asked to comply with the provisions of the health protocols set by the government as well as being required to download the PeduliLindungi app before departure and use it throughout their stay. 

Overseas travellers are also required to show a physical or digital second dose COVID-19 vaccine card or certificate, which has at least been done 14 days before departure. The following conditions also apply:

  • Indonesian citizens who have not received the second dose will be vaccinated upon entry at the entrance. They must still be quarantined until their results are negative.
  • Foreigners who are already in Indonesia and will travel, both domestically and internationally, are required to vaccinate through the gotong royong, or mutual cooperation scheme, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.
  • Vaccination cards or certificates must be written in English, in addition to the language of the country of origin.

However, there are some foreigners who are not required to present a vaccine certificate, for example, if they hold diplomatic visas and service visas related to official or state visits and those who are only transiting in Indonesian territory.

Both Indonesians and foreigners will also undergo strict examinations such as checking body temperature to suppress the spread of COVID-19.  If someone has a high body temperature, they will be tested for COVID-19 and if the result is positive, they will be quarantined.

Is a booster required for travel to Indonesia? 

According to the circular, Indonesian citizens who want to return home from abroad only need to show a certificate that they have received the second dose of vaccination no later than 14 days before departure.

“Especially for foreigners, even though this rule will apply later, the requirements remain the same as now, where the complete vaccine must be complete and only those with symptoms will be examined,” said the spokesperson for the COVID-19 Handling Task Force, Wiku Adisasmito, as quoted from the website.

The circular also stipulates that overseas travellers are required to receive two doses, except for:

  • Children under 18 years old
  • Holders of official residence permits and diplomatic residence permits
  • KITAS and KITAP holders
  • Post-COVID recovery certificate holders from overseas
  • Those with special health conditions. 

Overseas travellers who experience symptoms of COVID-19 and/or body temperatures above 37.5 degrees Celsius are required to screen at the entry point to Indonesia and must undergo a PCR test.

Foreigners who enter Indonesia and will travel domestically must meet the requirements for booster vaccinations. Those who have not will be required to present an antigen or PCR test whilst travelling around the country,” added Adisasmito. 

Meanwhile, Indonesian citizens over the age of 18 who want to go abroad from Indonesia must show proof of a booster vaccination. This provision is exempted for Indonesian citizens with health conditions or comorbid diseases that make them unable to receive vaccines, as well as Indonesian citizens who have just carried out isolation or treatment for COVID-19 and are declared inactive in transmitting the virus but have not received a booster vaccination.

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