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Singaporean Tourist Attacked by Young Komodo Dragon on Picture Perfect Holiday


A Singaporean-national has been treated for serious injuries sustained during a komodo dragon attack near Desa Komodo, East Nusa Tenggara, on Wednesday, May 3.

Loh Lee Aik, 68-years-old, is an avid photographer and was taking photos of another animal when he was bitten on the leg.

Desa Komodo is a remote village on the outer island of West Manggarai Regency. It is traditionally believed the local tribe, known as Komodo, can communicate with the animals.

“The victim was bitten on his calf while trying to take a photo of a komodo which in the middle of feasting on a goat carrion,” Jules Abraham Abast, head of East Nusa Tenggara Police’s public relations unit, said, as quoted by Okezone.

The victim was visiting Labuan Bajo to take photos of the komodos. He had been told by locals that many of the animals gather to devour goats and it would be a good opportunity to take some snaps.

He journeyed into a mountainous area around 200 metres from the township alone without local rangers. He came across a wild komodo feasting on a goat and began taking photos.

Aik said a young komodo, unbeknownst to him, was lurking nearby and bit him on the calf. He suffered serious injuries, with flesh torn from his leg. Local responders applied first aid and he was then transported to Siloam Hospital in Labuan Bajo.

While komodo attacks are rare, they can be deadly. Tourists are advised to be cautious of their surroundings when visiting the region and to stick with park rangers.

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Image credits: Haiku Deck

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