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New Zealand Woman Receives Death Threats After Sexual Harassment Video Went Viral

Aneta Baker, a New Zealand woman who has gone viral after sharing footage of a hotel worker in Bali asking for sexual favours in exchange for a refund, has received death threats and hostile messages since she posted the video on social media on February 3, as reported by

The viral video showed an employee of the Ramada Bali Sunset Road Hotel identified by the initials of ADR, offering Aneta a refund for an extra night she was charged for if she agreed to perform oral sex on him. The employee has since been fired from the hotel and faces up to 12 years behind bars if found guilty, due to Indonesia’s strict anti-pornography laws.

The death threats towards Aneta and her family mostly came from locals who believe that the employee said “voucher” and not “bl****b” (an oral sex act)..

However, Aneta is adamant that he used the word more than once. “There was a language barrier with the person I originally talked to, so I asked to speak to the manager or someone who spoke better English and the guy who did it was the one who came out. We were never once confused with each other. How this has been twisted is just not right.” she said.

The wife and mother now living in Australia said she is upset that the threats she has received may distract from the real message she is trying to convey – victims of sexual harassment should not feel silenced.

“This only encourages it rather than being a part of bringing an end to it. And that hurts my heart,” she said. “It’s been horrible. Just unbelievable, hurtful and infuriating,” Aneta said.

The employee has since admitted that he did ask for sexual favours, as alleged by Ms. Baker, but claimed that he was joking.

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