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West Nusa Tenggara Down to PPKM Level 1

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The Province of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) has succeeded in becoming one of the regions to operate under PPKM level one.

Mataram, the provincial capital, has been at PPKM level two for almost four weeks.

Alhamdulillah, the city of Mataram has succeeded in dropping from level two to level one for PPKM,announced the Mataram Mayor, H Mohan Roliskana, on Monday 18th October.

Responding to data from the Ministry of Health, which stated that Mataram was now under level one PPKM along with five other districts/cities in NTB, he said that Mataram’s success in moving to the lowest level of restrictions was the result of discipline in the community in implementing health protocols.

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“The various handling scenarios that we’ve prepared with the provincial government, the police and army, the medical teams, and other stakeholders have gone well and have received support from the community,” he said.

He went on to say that, as a consequence of this relaxation in rules, the city government will make adjustments to existing regulations.

“We, together with the COVID-19 Task Force, will immediately conduct a study on the loosening of regulations that we can provide to the community to support efforts to recover the economy,” he said.

To make regulatory adjustments, the mayor added, the city government must wait for the Ministry of Home Affairs’ instructions regarding level one PPKM regulations.

“One of the activities that we are considering opening is a car-free day on Jalan Udayana. We consider CFD as a potential boost for economic recovery,” he added.

He reminded people that, although the city of Mataram is now at level one, the public must remain disciplined in implementing health protocols.

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