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Thousands Protest LGBT Community in Bogor

Thousands of Muslims from various organisations in Bogor city staged a protest rally against the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community on Friday, November 9. The protesters demanded the Bogor administration issue a regulation to bar the existence of the LGBT community in the city.

“Until now, in Bogor city or any other city, there is no regional administration that has a regional regulation that bans LGBT,” said the chairman of the Anti-LGBT Bogor Community Forum, Abdul Halim.

The protesters began the rally with a long march from Jl. Raya Tajur to the city’s center. After Friday prayers, they surrounded the Bogor Mayor’s office on Jl. Ir H. Djuanda and made speeches.

Abdul Halim said this rally was held as a form of concern over the rampant activities of the LGBT community in the city.

“LGBT is very contagious and dangerous for the nation’s generations, it can even cause dangerous and contagious diseases, such as HIV and AIDS,” he said.

According to Abdul, LGBT people now have the courage to appear as they take refuge behind human rights.

“The community must play an active role in refusing them and not giving them any space to keep them from growing,” he said.

Source: Tempo

Photo: CNN Indonesia/Setyo Aji Harjanto

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