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Stretching the East Jakarta Corridor to Make Bekasi Area Business Attractive

Bekasi Area Business

Indonesia’s economic growth and upwards trends cannot be separated from the role of industry and existing businesses.

Various industrial estates are developing in Indonesia, one of which is the industrial area located in the East Jakarta corridor (Bekasi-Cikarang-Karawang), which has been developing rapidly in recent years.

Bekasi-Cikarang-Karawang is located in East Jakarta and has become the main pacemaker for the national economic movement. The city of Bekasi is now one of the areas that are being eyed by investors and business people. With the development of increasingly advanced infrastructure and the emergence of commercial and residential areas, Bekasi City is slowly being visited by people from Jakarta and surrounding areas.

This encourages Sinar Mas Land to present its latest commercial product, Westfield Shophouses (Ruko). There were 56 units built in the development, which were marketed starting from Rp1.8billion (US$128,916.54). Located in Grand Wisata Bekasi – a strategic independent city in the center of Bekasi City close to Jakarta, it consists of residential and commercial areas. Grand Wisata Bekasi can be accessed through transportation facilities such as the KM 21 Cikampek toll road, Light Rail Transit (LRT) and the elevated Jakarta-Cikampek toll.

Bekasi has become the backbone of Jakarta’s capital and offers a variety of promising prospects for industry players and investors, both from within and outside the country. Westfield Shophouses is strategically located in the eastern corridor of Jakarta with easy accessibility and infrastructure support. In addition to the premium location, Westfield Shophouses are also equipped with complete facilities. Each unit is built facing the highway, close to the main gate of Grand Wisata Bekasi and equipped with a large parking area along with a 24-hour security system. This commercial property product offers two types of buildings; with either 2 floors or 3 floors, each of which uses a rolling grill. As the latest offering from Grand Wisata, Ruko Westfield should be one of the properties considered for business and investment.

Residential CEO of Sinar Mas Land, Herry Hendarta explained that “the massive infrastructure development in the eastern corridor of Jakarta has motivated us to develop and build Westfield Shophouses at Grand Wisata Bekasi. This commercial product offers a variety of advantages ranging from price, facilities, access, and strategic location. Westfield Shophouses is targeted to be complete in 2021, with exclusive and elegant designs.”

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