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Sinar Mas Land and Microsoft Pioneer a Smart City Concept in Indonesia

Microsoft and Sinar Mas Land signed a MOU

Microsoft and Sinar Mas Land signed a MOU on 19th September 2019 to collaborate in the transformation of BSD City into an inclusive and innovative, first-scale integrated smart city, accessible to all communities in Indonesia.

“Inspired to be a pioneer in property and development, Sinar Mas Land is excited to do digital transformation in BSD City, which is our largest township project. Therefore, we are pleased to undertake this cooperation considering the sophisticated digital technology from Microsoft. This cooperation will strengthen the position of Sinar Mas Land and Microsoft on a larger scale and make Indonesia a pilot country in the smart city sector,” said Group CEO of Sinar Mas Land, Michael Widjaja.

Backed by digital technologies such as cloud storage, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and data-driven decision making, Sinar Mas Land has the vision to create a future city with a smart home and a digital hub in complementing community services and public infrastructures.

“BSD City is our ambitious project with great growth opportunities, particularly the exploration of digital society development that is becoming one of our current concerns,” Widjaja continued.

As part of this collaboration agreement, Microsoft will also open opportunities for partners to cooperate with Sinar Mas Land in developing solutions based on their field of expertise. Sinar Mas Land welcomes opportunities from Microsoft so that both companies can make BSD City accessible and attractive to locals and visitors alike.

“We are delighted to be able to help Sinar Mas Land on their digital journey in BSD City to create the largest smart city project in Indonesia, as we are aware of the importance of the digital economy and have a digitising framework in Indonesia to compete internationally.

“Like Sinar Mas Group, we have been with Indonesian people for 25 years with the skills needed for the development of artificial intelligence, the cloud, and the future of industry innovations that are disruptive, along with our partners, developers, and start-ups,” said President Director of Microsoft Indonesia, Haris Izmee.

Previously, Sinar Mas Land begun its biggest independent city transformation (BSD City) to become the first integrated smart city with a digital hub. This digital hub is an area of 26 hectares dedicated to start-ups, communities, educational institutions, as well as multinational corporations focused on digital and technological industries. Along with its development, the digital hub has been home to an innovation development centre for several global companies.

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