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Former President SBY Wants Government to Clarify Alleged Onslaught of Foreign Workers

Former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has urged the government to clarify the alleged onslaught of foreign workers into the country during a part of his Tour de Banten at The Royal Krakatau Hotel on Sunday.

“Since it is the government of the people, it is the people, who hold sovereignty. The government should explain it transparently and honestly. Actually, what is the number of foreign workers (employed in Indonesia)? Does it run into tens, dozens, or hundreds of thousands? We do not know it,” SBY noted in a press statement released on Monday.

The alleged onslaught of foreign workers, particularly from China, came under the spotlight during the discussion. Participants feared that foreign workers will control their region and deprive the local residents of job opportunities.

The exchange of skilled workers between Indonesia and the neighboring countries is normal. The cooperation is set forth in the ASEAN Law, he explained.

“However, if the number of foreign workers is large, it will not be allowed since our unemployment rate is still high. Moreover, we have several skilled workers, who can work, so why do we have to hire a large number of foreign workers in our country,” he pointed out.

“The president and Government of Indonesia must defend the people. We have several skilled workers. The government must have the guts to do so,” the General Chairman of the Democratic Party added.

Source: Republika

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