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Rain Pouring One Car in Bekasi Phenomenon Explained

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A viral video showing the phenomenon of rain pouring on only one car in a parking lot in Bekasi has turned out to have a logical explanation.

Head of the Weather Prediction and Early Warning Division of the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), Miming Saepudin explained that “logically and theoretically, it is very unlikely to happen.”

Judging from the rain in the viral video, it is estimated that the diameter of the cumulonimbus clouds was quite large, Miming noted.

The diameter of the cumulonimbus clouds that produce rain like in the video generally is several tens to hundreds of kilometres,” he explained.

In general, rain occurs when the clouds are ripe enough. If the cloud condensation process is strong enough, the rain produced will be of moderate or heavy intensity. At the same time, the diameter of the water produced is quite large and across a large area.

When there is very localised rain, it is certain that there will be wind and uneven cloud cover.

Cumulus clouds that cause local rain are difficult to form in post-rain conditions like the current viral incident,” explained Miming.

This incident reportedly occurred on Sunday 31st October and was recorded by a member of the Bekasi Regency Regional People’s Representative (DPRD), Uryan Riana. At that time, Uryan was attending the inauguration of the Bekasi Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) DPD Winning Task Force at a hotel.

While the event was still going on, Uryan headed for his car in the parking lot. “But when I went to the car, there was a strange and extraordinary phenomenon because there was a black Kijang Innova car that was getting rained on,” said Uryan on Monday 1st November.

Uryan thinks that the rain came from the person who was spraying water from a hose. However, after looking around, Uryan couldn’t find anyone in the parking area at all. Therefore, he immediately recorded the phenomenon using his cell phone camera.

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