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New Zealand Tourist Fooled by Airbnb 

Airbnb villa Bali
New Zealand Tourist Fooled by Airbnb. image

A New Zealander, Bree Robertson, was tricked into booking a villa in Bali through Airbnb.

She ordered a villa to celebrate one month of living in Bali and was surprised when she arrived at the villa she ordered. 

The unpleasant experience has been immortalized in a short 11-minute video on the TikTok account @1newsnz.


@atypical_adventure shares her Airbnb horror story in Bali, plus tips on how to avoid finding yourself in the same situation. #fyp #travel #airbnb

? original sound – 1News – 1News

When you book an Airbnb in Bali and it’s an abandoned building,” wrote the caption of the post viewed on Friday 28th July 2022. 

Robertson also showed what the villa looked like. The surroundings of the villa were neglected and overgrown with wild plants. 

Completely overgrown. No one home. Smashed windows,” she continued. 

Robertson ordered the villa for $80 or the equivalent of Rp1.1 million. The villa had good reviews back in 2019. 

Robertson, who rode a motorbike with her partner for two hours to the inn, realised that the residence was empty and messy when she arrived.

Airbnb also stated that the host had a response time of one hour, so I was assuming it was still open,” she said

She has now reported the property to Airbnb’s support team, who promised a refund, and then removed the listing.

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