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Private Hospital Yogyakarta Provides COVID-19 Vaccine Service

Private Hospital Yogyakarta Provides COVID-19 Vaccine Service

The Sleman Regency Government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) is allowing private hospitals to administer vaccination services for COVID-19.

“Go ahead to private hospitals opening the vaccination service. What is clear is that the current vaccination program from the government is still uncertain,” said the Head of the Sleman Regency Health Office, Joko Hastaryo.

The Sleman Regency Government has received information that there is a private hospital in the area that has opened a COVID-19 vaccination service.  The vaccination program at the private hospital, according to Joko, is aimed at economically capable people so that the vaccine recipients will bear the financial burden.

Joko added that if the community still wanted to wait for vaccination from the government, they need to be more patient. Local government has not yet received a clear schedule for the implementation of the programme.

“It’s likely that the government will vaccinate by the end of 2020 or early 2021,” said Joko.

Regarding vaccinations by private hospitals, Joko said that, from the information he received, the government would share the COVID-19 vaccination quota with the private sector.

“As many as 30 percent of vaccinations will be handled by the government, while 70 percent will be independently managed,” he said.

He further went on to say that, from the quota of 30 percent of included in the government program, the priority groups would be health workers, public service personnel such as the Indonesian Army or Police, and transport officers.

“Then there are also those who are included in the priority for vaccine recipients such as BPJS Health participants for the contribution assistance recipients (PBI) group,” he said.

Regarding the existence of a private hospital that is currently providing this service, Joko predicted the possibility that the hospital already has its own supply line with the vaccine manufacturer. Currently, there are only a few vaccines imported by the government and not enough to be given to priority groups.

He detailed that 1.2 million imported vaccines have recently arrived.  Of these, according to him, Yogyakarta will receive around 1,500 vaccines.

This amount is certainly not enough for the first groups in line to receive the vaccine under the government program. In terms of the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine, the level of effectiveness varies between 90-95 percent based on clinical trials.

According to Tempo, the head of the Yogyakarta Health Service, Pembayun Setjaningastutie, previously said that for the first stage, Yogyakarta would get a COVID-19 vaccine quota of 2.2 million.

“However, this data is flexible and continues to run, it can increase or decrease as required,” said Pembayun.

There are three criteria for residents who will get vaccinated in Yogyakarta. These are being aged 18-59, not having congenital diseases, and not having infectious diseases at the time of vaccination.

Image credits Tribun Jogja

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