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Prices for PCR Tests in Hospitals and Clinics Drop Below Rp600k

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The price of PCR tests at a number of hospitals and clinics in Java-Bali has dropped to Rp495,000 while outside these regions the tests cost Rp525,000.

This is in accordance with a new policy set by the Health Ministry, the highest price of the PCR test has been capped.

For example, within the Siloam Hospital network, a WhatsApp message from their customer service stated that the new package price of Rp495,000. Tests must be taken before 6pm and results are available within 24 hours.

However, Siloam Hospital still provides other PCR test packages at a price of Rp1.6 million, with which the test results can be received on the same day and the patient will also a vitamin package.

“The C19 Gold check-up package allows PCR test results to be received on the same day, with sampling before 11am, and vitamins. If the sampling is done after 11am, the results will be ready the next day,” the Siloam Hospital customer service added.

Clinics such as Kimia Farma have also set its PCR test at Rp495,000 and is valid in five cities including Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Medan, and Makassar. Meanwhile, Kimia Farma customer service stated that other regions will be charged with shipping costs for sending PCR samples to their PCR Central Lab for testing.

Through the Kimia Farma mobile application, the test results can only be received three days later in the Greater Jakarta area, but are also downloadable through the application.

“Regions outside of Jabodetabek will take five days to issue PCR test results. It’s presented in hard copy, therefore must be collected at the test location,” reads the statement in the application.

Another clinic, Quick Test, has also set a price of Rp495,000 with results available the next day. After registering online, patients can pay via transfer.

Previously, the Director-General of Health Services at the Health Ministry, Abdul Kadir, said the price reduction had been agreed with the Indonesian Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) after considering various elements.

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